Posted by: lisahealthy | February 25, 2014

Creating an Environment That Disease Doesn’t Like

What we are depends on what our grandparents ate, did and how they lived. Just as the food our grandparents ate can affect us, so will the food we eat affect our children and grandchildren as well as the electronics we expose ourselves to.

When we are born we inherit genes from our parents. What science is discovering is that how our body expresses the genes that we already have isn’t all predetermined. The expression of our genetics can change based on the activities we pursue, foods we eat, where we live and our emotional state! More and more we are learning about the emerging science called Epigenetics. Recent studies are showing multi-generational allocation of effects prompted by diet, chemical exposures, stress, and even cell phones are all apparently altering the genome through what is now know as transgenerational epigenetic inheritance.


This is shedding new light on diseases like Alzheimer’s,     and on our diet and lifestyle choices. This is particularly  important to me as I have a family history of Alzheimer’s,   Cancer, Diabetes, and Osteoporosis. Even though I understand my predisposition is not the final word on my developing any of these diseases, I am now faced with the challenge of a toxic environment influencing my DNA.  Wow, what’s a person to do? We obviously cannot live like the “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble”.

Ten years ago I was first introduced to the concept that we cannot only change our body’s environment but we also have the ability to reverse any damage. A nutritionist, author and microscopist opened my mind and eyes to looking at our body’s first line of defense against disease. You would think that our immune system only negates illness. Actually the pH of our blood matters because it also profoundly effects our health. This is why it’s so important to pay attention to the alkalinity of what you are ingesting.

Creating alkalinity in the blood means introducing a diet with less sugar and processed foods,alkaline vegetables including a variety fruits, vegetables, and organic grass fed meat. Implementing systems that can reduce stress like cellular exercise and grounding your body when you sleep can help you repair, prevent disease and even change the acidic terrain of your blood. 

What can you do to reverse or prevent these assaults that your body is continuously bombarded with daily?

As a Holistic Wellness Educator, I teach the community on how to create wellness environments that help the body to heal. One way to help the body recover from environmental damage is called earthing, or grounding.

Earthing is achieved by using the Earth’s natural energies to re-energize, or realign, the body’s energy fields. Thanks to modern ways of living, we have lost this habit that was once second nature to us. Urban living in the “concrete jungle” disconnects us from the electrical energy of the Earth’s field. Concrete floors, fluorescent lights, electromagnetic pollution, and other modern inventions have widened the gulf between us and the Earth’s ancient elements: air, sun, water and the Earth itself.

lisahealthy about meLISA HEALTHY: suggests contact with the Earth’s surface electrons by walking barefoot outside. The secret is to take a walk outdoors in the fresh air, for at least 10 minutes, within an hour or two of dawn. The best time is 6 am .Try walking towards the rising sun, letting its light fall on your face.


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