I am a Holistic Wellness Educator who loves teaching the community on how to create a wellness environment to help the body heal. I offer one-on-one consulting as well as speaking engagements. As a 13 year veteran of the Wellness Industry, I focus on empowering others to take control of their health with an emphasis on nutrition and sleep. In 2008 I began teaching as a Wellness Instructor at the University of Richmond.

One way to help the body recover from environmental damage is called earthing, or grounding. This is achieved by using the Earth’s natural energies to re-energize, or realign, the body’s energy fields. Thanks to modern ways of living, we have lost this habit that was once second nature to us. Urban living in the “concrete jungle” disconnects us from the electrical energy of the Earth’s field. Concrete floors, fluorescent lights, electromagnetic pollution, and other modern inventions have widened the gulf between us the Earth’s ancient elements: air, sun, water and the Earth itself. Through education and products that mirror these Earth energies, I am able to help clients negate the toxicity of our world.

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Having Energy & Abundantly Living The Healthy You


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