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Energized by the earthWellness energy for living. Since its very beginning, Nikken has developed means of harnessing the energy that exists in our natural environment and delivering it through life-enhancing technologies and products.

Today it continues to make use of this energy as a fundamental principle.

These are the forces that are found in the physical universe — phenomena that have been extensively researched and are included in the basic study curriculum in chemistry, physics and biology.

There are many forms of energy that can exert an influence on the human body, and these derive from a variety of sources.

Magnetism, for example, is a part of the natural environment for all living things. Over time, the artifacts of modern civilization have diminished our contact with the Earth’s magnetic field, and Nikken products with magnetic technology are designed to help counterbalance this effect. Nikken calls this Magnetic Equalizing Technology, as an aligning or normalizing factor to help produce conditions that more closely correspond to nature.

Far-infrared energy has its origin in sunlight, which provides a broad range of energy wavelengths. All living organisms are dependent on far-infrared waves. Nikken employs Far-Infrared Technology to absorb energy and reflect it in the far-infrared portion of the spectrum.

Negative ions are charged particles, and their electrical charge is another energy form. Nikken products that feature Far-Infrared Technology or Negative-Ion Technology are inspired by the principle of nourishing energy, forces that can help sustain life.

Nutrition is well recognized as the fuel that allows an organism to produce energy through cellular processes. Nikken Kenzen® Wellness Organic-Based Nutrition supports these necessary metabolic functions.

These energies are found everywhere and are a precondition for all forms of life. All are natural and renewable, and when maintained in our everyday environment, are conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

Nikken offers a broad selection of products designed to help integrate this energy in every aspect of your day. Since 1975 that has been our guiding philosophy: energy for living.

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